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November 4th 10am-5pm: Psychedelic Integration & Harm Reduction Full-Day Training with Katherine MacLean, PhD, Ingmar Gorman, PhD & Alicia Danforth, PhD

We're thrilled to offer our second annual day-long public workshop on psychedelic integration and harm reduction. Presenters will include the co-directors of the Psychedelic Education & Continuing Care Program, Katherine MacLean, PhD and Ingmar Gorman, PhD, as well as special guest, clinical psychologist and psychedelic researcher Alicia Danforth, PhD. Please see the bios below for more information.

This workshop will cover the basics of psychedelic harm reduction, how to differentiate between a psychedelic experience and a potential mental health crisis, and how to provide compassionate, non-intrusive support during the experience and helping the individual make contact with a trusted mental health professional or medical service, if needed. We will also discuss the process of integration, or how the insights and challenges of a psychedelic experience can be incorporated into daily life in a way that benefits the individual and their community.

Dr. Danforth will also provide a side-by-side comparison of media headlines vs. actual findings from clinical research into psychedelics for mental health conditions, and will provide practical guidelines for how you can stay informed while remaining appropriately skeptical of headlines that sound too good to be true.

The workshop agenda will include formal lecture-style presentations, as well as experiential exercises, interpersonal practice with vignettes, and plenty of time for discussion and Q/A. 

Regular tickets are $125. Students and others facing financial hardship can email to request the code for a $50 ticket.

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October 26th 7-9pm: Integration through the Lens of Sexuality & Identity with Dee Dee Goldpaugh, LCSW

We are excited to announce the next special guest in our psychedelic education lecture series: Dee Dee Goldpaugh, LCSW, who will be lecturing and faciltating a special integration event at the Center for Optimal Living on Thursday, October 26th from 7-9pm.

Integration Through the Lens of Sexuality and Identity will explore multiple facets of the psychedelic experience as it relates to sexuality, sexual identity and experience. During the first portion of the evening (~30 min), Dee Dee will present current clinical research on psychedelics with special emphasis on their ability to heal sexual trauma and resolve sexual dysfunctions. Then, she will move beyond the clinical to create a working definition of psychedelic sexuality and sexual ethics, explore what it means to transgress traditional gender and sexual paradigms in our understanding of ourselves as sexual beings, and examine how the psychedelic experience can support a holistic view of sexuality inclusive of our erotic shadow. During the second portion of the evening (~1.5 hours), Dee Dee will facilitate guided discussion and personal sharing among the event participants, around their own experience of sexuality, relationships, trauma, and sexual identity. As in our regular monthly integration groups, the stories shared will be held in confidence and supported safely and respectfully by the faciliator and all group members.

Dee Dee Goldpaugh is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) conducting psychotherapy in private practice in New York City. Dee Dee specializes in sex and body-positive psychotherapy that utilizes techniques and tools from Psychodynamic, Jungian, Mindfulness and Transpersonal therapy models. Her practice is focused on LGBTQA and poly identities and concerns, and spiritually-informed therapy such as Psychedelic Integration.

Dr. Katherine MacLean, director of the Psychedelic Program and former research scientist and psilocybin guide at Johns Hopkins University will moderate the event.

Please be sure to arrive 10 minutes early to allow time for check-in. You will be asked to provide your name and show ID at the front desk before taking the elevator up to the 5th floor, Suite 500. $20 student tickets can be requested by emailing

REFUNDS: Refunds will only be honored if they are requested more than 24 hours prior to the event. There are no refunds to requests that are made within the 24 hours prior to the event or at any point after the event. To obtain a refund, please email

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Psychedelic Integration - Monthly Group

We are excited to offer monthly psychedelic integration groups at our new location at 370 Lexington Ave, Suite 500 (corner of 41st and Lexington). The groups are led by Dr. Katherine MacLean, Director of the Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care program and meet once a month on the third Wednesday of each month. Please note that the June 21st group will begin at 7:30pm. 

Tickets for each group are $30 per person. Contact us at using your .edu email for a $15 student discount ticket. Discounts are also available by purchasing a group package (3 groups for $75).

Have you had a psychedelic experience and are looking for someone to talk to? Curious about what you’ve read about psychedelics in the news? Or maybe someone you know uses psychedelics and you’re wondering if it’s safe? Come to one of our monthly public groups to learn more, share your story, and have your questions answered in a safe, supportive environment. Each meeting will be facilitated by Dr. Katherine MacLean, the director of the Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program and will include guided meditation, experiential exercises and group discussion.

If you have had a personal psychedelic experience, whether it was intensely positive or challenging and confusing, this is a fantastic opportunity to share your story and learn from others about how to integrate the lessons from these experiences into your daily life. The group is also open to people who have never had a personal experience with psychedelics. We will focus on best practices for implementing positive life changes and reducing potential harms associated with psychedelic use.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to check-in and get settled. Because of the intimate nature of the experience, we will begin promptly at 7 and you may not be allowed to join the group if you arrive late.

In keeping with the law and out of respect for your fellow group members, we strongly discourage the active use of psychedelics or other psychoactive drugs during group meetings. 

REFUNDS: Refunds will only be honored if they are requested more than 24 hours prior to the event. There are no refunds to requests that are made within the 24 hours prior to the event or at any point after the event. To obtain a refund, please email

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