Psychedelic Integration: From the Individual to the Community

During the Horizons conference in 2014, Katherine MacLean, Ingmar Gorman and Andrew Tatarsky had a conversation during which they shared their mutual inspiration to offer individual therapy, group discussions, and educational workshops on the safe use of psychedelics. The Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program at the Center for Optimal Living was born out of that conversation. The program is designed to assist people who have had psychedelic experiences and are seeking support in connection with those experiences, as well as people who would like to learn more about psychedelics, but may not have had personal experiences with them. The overarching intention of the program is to increase awareness and reduce the risks of psychedelic use. Since November 2015, the Psychedelic Program team has hit the ground running, working with individual clients in psychotherapy sessions, facilitating monthly psychedelic education and integration groups for the public, and preparing a first-of-its-kind training workshop on psychedelic harm reduction and integration in collaboration with the MAPS Zendo Project. In their presentation at Horizons 2016, Katherine and Ingmar invited the audience to take a deeper dive into the important questions that motivate their work and are shaping their vision for the next 10 years of psychedelic education, therapy and integration.