Dr. Ingmar Gorman featured on Greener Grass Podcast

"It’s just like this sort of knowledge that you’re getting from yourself that is what you need to hear to get better." -Dr. Ingmar Gorman [on MDMA-assisted therapy for PTSD]

Have questions about MDMA-assisted psychotherapy? Does MDMA really enhance psychotherapy in the treatment of PTSD? What is PTSD? What constitutes a traumatic event? What's the history of MDMA use?

Join our Dr. Ingmar Gorman for an informative conversation with Host Lex Pelger from The Greener Grass Podcast sponsored by Bluebird Botanicals. Lex sits down with experts, scientists, activists, policy-makers, underground herbalists, radical lawyers and others doing their part to make the world a greener place.

In this episode Dr. Gorman shares about his work with MDMA for PTSD. He has been working in several different directions to learn more about how to integrate these novel psychoactives into therapeutic uses. He has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and receives funding from the National Institute of Health for his research. He also works with MAPS, on their phase 3 trial that is moving MDMA towards and accepted medicine under the FDA. Dr. Gorman is a true expert working at the intersection of trauma and healing. Tune in for more...