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Kevin Braga, LCSW

This group aims to support members as they continue to navigate their relationship to psychedelics and their history of trauma. Other challenges related to mental health and substance use will also be explored, depending on the needs of the group. Interventions will be client centered, including structured discussions pertaining to developing concrete skills, self-empowerment and management of trauma related feelings and behaviors. Grounded in principles of harm reduction, this group will also help members clarify their motivations and intentions surrounding their psychedelic experiences to reduce potential risks.

Ketamine Integration

THURSDAYS, 7:00 - 8:15 PM

Kevin Braga, LCSW

This specialized group is a safe space for people who are currently (or have a history of) being treated with Ketamine and are additionally interested in ongoing exploration and integration of their experiences with others who also share this unique experience. Off-label use of generic Ketamine to treat depression and other mental health disorders has been a long standing treatment to help those who have tried and did not receive benefits from other traditional treatments.  Esketamine, a variation of Ketamine, has now become a prescribable medication for treatment resistant depression. Studies show that the combination of Ketamine therapy with psychotherapy enhances the intended effects.