Seeking Psychedelic Support


Psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, which consists of a patient receiving a psychedelic substance along with psychotherapy, is not currently legal or fully supported by research. The only way to access such treatment at the moment is through studies listed on ClinicalTrials.Gov. For a complete list of ongoing trials click here. If you are seeking such a treatment study, please follow the link. If you are otherwise looking for support around your psychedelic experiences, please continue reading.

We recognize that psychedelic experiences can impact someone mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Returning to ordinary life  after these non-ordinary experiences can feel different and unusual. They can also be challenging and complex to navigate on one's own.  

We wish to help everyone to who seeks support at the Psychedelic Education and Continuing Care Program, but we may not always be an appropriate fit for you. Although we may not be able to provide services to directly, we would like to advise you in seeking a therapist who fits your needs and is in close proximity to you. 

Psychedelic integration is a special niche, with very few clinicians fully trained in this work. Nonetheless, the following psychotherapy approaches may be beneficial when looking for a therapist to address issues related to psychedelics. It is also important to select a therapist who has the appropriate license, credibility, and experience. 

Here are some criteria to help you narrow your search: 

  • Educated in a trauma informed treatments
  • Background in transpersonal psychology
  • Specialization in spirituality or psychospiritual emergency
  • Training in body focused therapy (somatic approaches)
  • Is licensed with a professional organization (not just with a certificate)
  • Is a member of a professional society 
  • Is a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, or other mental health provider

By visiting Psychology Today you can search your zipcode and filter your search by specialties, orientations, insurance coverage and more. This is one of the largest databases of therapists online.

Some additional resources include and MAPS Psychedelic Integration List

We wish you the very best on your path with integration and never hesitate to reach out with additional questions